Fake PURTIER Placenta Stem Cell

genuine purtier vs fake purtier placenta

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Fake PURTIER Placenta Stem Cell

Despite many uncertainties behind the promotion of oral stem cell therapy, treatment and application.. products like ZÉLL-V Sheep Placenta and PURTIER Deer Placenta still see significant rise in sales annually. With more than $1 billion of revenue each freaking year. Could the answer be its results, really..?! (or perhaps the placebo effect ?)

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Questionable clinics have been popping up all around the world and many are recommending various brands of health supplements and stem cell products. Online platforms are also taking advantage of stem cells medical research and breakthrough to list their Oral Stem Cell “therapy” and offering crazy discounts! Many consumers have reported to have bought the fakes and low quality cellular health supplements!

Signs of scams are e.g. Get up to 70% Discount or Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Unofficial PURTIER Placenta Promotion

One such prominent target for the fake stem cell supplement we shall feature today is — Riway International Purtier Placenta

google search fake purtier placenta distributors and websites
Fake PURTIER Placenta websites advertised on Google found in Singapore. Neither is confirmed by Riway International as authorized distributors or suppliers.

Please be conscious that in connection with the prestige of stem cell supplements demand worldwide, there is a growing number of fake websites, imitation products and counterfeits sold especially PURTIER Placenta 6th edition. Always check if the websites are genuine or operated by robots.

Some complaints feedback to sgStemCell that they have bought products of different quality on the internet such as giant e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10 and eBay. These days, Shopee has become a mainstream platform for many unethical sellers to sell their products.

Excepting the sale of stem cell products such as PURTIER brand. We were shocked to have witnessed many luxury goods sold on these platforms:

fake purtier shopee

fake purtier placenta shopee

There isn’t ONE official PURTIER Placenta website or web page endorsed by RIWAY International company or we have yet reaffirmed upon. RIWAY mentioned that they won’t be liable for any purchases made through e-commerce like Amazon, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee, Carousell, eBay and other websites or platforms like Facebook on Instagram.

According to dealers of Riway International, here are some means to know if you got the authentic products:
(backed by Riway’s anti-counterfeit technology)

genuine purtier vs fake purtier placenta

  • CHECK for QR Code for Verification (able to authenticate with RIWAY offices)
  • BUY at original price (sign up as member & receive Savings, Discounts, Special Promotion)
  • COLLECT products at RIWAY company or from Authorized Distributors
  • KEEP OUT from online sellers (Cheap Prices, Free Gifts), choose to meet up before making any form of payment (Warning! DO NOT TRANSFER your money to Strangers.)

Everyone loves stuffs that are good for us and at bargain prices… it’s lagi even better. But have you thought of its origin?

The safety of people is our primary concern and counterfeit/imitation products can be very dangerous. Beware of fake sellers and websites because making a wrong choice can make or break your career, your finance, your time, your relationship, your family and your life.

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Be safe when you purchase PURTIER Placenta from a reliable distributor to ensure product efficacy, satisfaction as well as for your own safety.

Buy from your personal distributors or consultants because a quality product has its worth.

Note: RIWAY network marketing company’s products for instance its brands, PURTIER & CONSCIENTIOUS, are marketed purely through their structure of distributors, agents, members, consultants, brokers, dealers or other professionals.

On the contrary, ZÉLL-V specialise in cell therapy products for anti aging by means of retail chains and outlets.

Lastly, an up-and-coming cellular health supplement which is formulated and made in Singapore known as Asentar by Asentar is very affordable and it also comes along with a distribution opportunity to make extra income for young adults to pioneer generation people. It has some good reviews and testimonials too.

We know the outcome of truly effective and safe stem cell therapy from professionals. If you want to connect with a specialist or wholesale distribution business partner, we can perhaps assist you with:

  • ✔️ Referral to Trusted Sellers (huh?)
  • ✔️ Membership, Distributorship and Business Partnership (trustable?)
  • ✔️ First-Timer Promotional Offers, Enjoy Up to 70% Off (nonsense…)

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