Riway Singapore Pte Ltd Found Guilty for Making Untrue Claims about Purtier Placenta

riway purtier news singapore

riway purtier news singapore

Source: The Straits Times

Riway Singapore Pte Ltd Found Guilty for Making Untrue Claims about Purtier Placenta

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) has impeached Riway (Singapore) Pte Ltd (Riway) for releasing advertisements which contain claims that its star product, Purtier Placenta, will prevent, alleviate or cure diseases or conditions such as cancer and diabetes, which are prohibited under the national medicine laws. Riway was found guilty in Court on 15 July 2021 and fined $3,000 under the Medicines Act.

Marketing materials published by Riway for its product distributors and one other material for its customers promoted the health supplement as a form of live cell therapy, in which stem cells are used to treat diseases.

purtier placenta riway false claim cancer cure

Deer placenta was mentioned as its main ingredient for providing stem cell therapy simply through consuming those encapsulated oral pills.

The official company and product website stated that Purtier Placenta, which is in its sixth edition, is “the answer to defying age and embracing our youth”.

HSA said there are no verified researches that prove Purtier Placenta can cure cancer, prevent diabetes or treat complications such as poor wound healing and nerve damage. It is neither registered nor approved for use by HSA as a medicine, the agency added.

However, some distributors claim the product can boost the immune system and improve conditions such as eczema and high blood pressure on Instagram, YouTube, etc.

More details and updates from HSA here.

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