Brief History of Live Cell Therapy

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Throughout human history, our mortality and inevitable death has always been challenged by our equally defiant desire to prolong and extend life. Although the idea of cell therapy has been around as a concept for hundreds of years, it was only after the groundbreaking work of Dr. Paul Niehans (1882-1971) that science finally caught up with our imaginations.

Access to this modern day fountain of youth has always been reserved for the rich and powerful. Some of Dr. Paul Niehans’ most famous patients were people like Pope Pius XII, the first monarch of Saudi Arabia King Ibn Saud, politicians like the Chancellor of Germany Konrad Adenauer and famous movie stars of the day including Charlie Chaplin. This exclusive knowledge and privileged access were reserved for those who could afford it, but now you can enjoy the benefits of cell therapy from home.

Purtier Deer Placenta Live Cells

It was primarily through Dr. Paul Niehans’ successful treatment of Pope Pius XII and his induction into the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences that cell therapy became well known among the wealthy elite and was internationally recognized for its phenomenal and dramatic ability to reverse the signs of aging.

Cell therapy is truly the secret to the age defying looks of the rich and famous!

Sabrina Tan
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