cancer cells purtier placenta

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cancer cells purtier placenta

Cancer takes place when cells in the body escape the control of the body and start to multiple and grow. They develop quickly and to very large size. In the process, they ruin normal cells, hamper the function of normal organs, cause pain and bleeding and eventually kills the person. Any cell in the body can become cancerous and some things can enhance the chance of the cell becoming cancerous.

For instances are smoking in causing lung cancer and hepatitis B in causing liver cancer. Although cancer cells grow quickly, it still takes some time, months or even years, for the original cancer cell to develop to a large size and finally kill the person. Early detection of cancer means the cancer is detected when it is still small or it has not spread to the rest of the body. Surgery can remove a small cancer completely and create a cure. In all cases, early detection means early treatment and better chance of survival.

Signs and symptoms of cancer

  1. As the cancer grow in size, it will produce a lump or cause the organ in which the cancer cells are growing to enlarge. In all cases, the lump or organ will get bigger and bigger.
  2. When the cancer cells press or invade normal tissue, there will be pain and the pain will get worse and worse.
  3. Cancer cells grow rapidly and consume nutrients meant for normal cells. This result in weight loss, reduces the number of normal cells and abnormal functioning of normal cells.
  4. When cancer occurs in a hollow organ like the stomach and intestine, it will grow into the lumen of the organ causing obstruction and bleeding. In the stomach, it will cause vomiting while in the intestine, it will result in constipation.
  5. Some types of cells produce abnormal substances or normal substances in large amounts when they become cancerous. These substances are called cancer markets and they help in the identification, early detection and monitoring of the treatment of the cancer.
  6. The detection of cancer depends on how swiftly the cancer causes signs and symptoms or makes itself known through the production of cancer markets. In general, cancers in organs within the abdomen are usually detected late because they can grow to a large size before they are noticed.

These are the most common signs of cancer and cellular degeneration. The good news is, cancer can be prevented, stopped and even reversed! We want to help you restore health, vitality and youth, so that you can feel and look astonishing and live an exciting yet purposeful life.

Sabrina Tan
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