Skin Renewal and Metabolism

purtier placenta skin care

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purtier placenta skin care

Skin Renewal and Metabolism

Besides protecting the body, the skin does other functions such as regulating body temperature, passing waste materials from our body and impacting metabolism. It is also the largest organ of the body, serving as the first line of defense (for our immunity) between the body and the world outside. It supports the body to block the invasion of external substances and defend tissues and organs from bacterial or viral infections. The skin secretes different antibacterial fluids such as sebum and sweat too.

Our skin naturally undergoes a cell renewal process in which dead skin cells are shed along with harmful microbes and viruses while new skin cells develop. However, as we grow older, the rate of skin cell renewal slows down. Consequently, dead skin cells accumulate on the skin’s surface, making skin appear dry, flaky and rough.

In order to prevent acne-causing bacteria and clogged pores, it is important to take good care of our skin with proper nutrients and regular routine. Frequent skin exfoliation promotes skin cell renewal and also stop bacterial growth and formation of pimples and acne which is especially vital for individuals with blemish-prone skin.

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