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  • Reduces Cell Degeneration
  • Multifunctional Health Supplement
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  • Varying Prices Offered
  • Sellers' Credibility and Knowledge
  • Possible Counterfeits on E-commerce sites and Online
  • Other Cheaper Brands on the Market (but less effective)

PURTIER Placenta 7th Edition Review


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Purtier Placenta Product Details

• Live Cell Therapy
PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition
Ingredients & Technology
Frequently Asked Questions

purtier placenta health supplement

‘Rolls-Royce of Nutritional Supplements’: Is the miraculous pill real‽

Social media has been ablaze with outlandish health testimonials of a product known as the “Rolls-Royce of Health Supplements”, but is it really that effective? If you are searching for honest reviews on this health food supplement brand then read on. We hope the information we have is free of embellishment and false sentimentality.

Despite year 2023, a plethora of websites has sprung up to grab the attention of PURTIER Placenta’s existing and future customers, offering everything from treatment information to diet recommendations which promise a ‘cure’.

Visit the official website of PURTIER Placenta:
➡ RIWAY’s PURTIER Placenta Official Website

Forget about all the other websites, RIWAY International does not allow independent distributors to market or sell its products online. Therefore, it is important to consider who to buy from, we got ours directly at RIWAY Singapore office with an authorized distributor (who can be responsible for our health and safety).

purtier placenta fake website singapore
  • Always purchase from reputable distributors or arrange a face-to-face meeting in their offices.
  • BEWARE of unofficial PURTIER Websites such as:
  • No websites should request for your data or particulars.
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This page is a part of our public resource for general health information which is intended, but not promised or guaranteed, to be correct, complete and up-to-date. However, the content on this website does not constitute professional health advice, and the reader should not consider this information to be an invitation for distributor-customer relationship, should not rely completely on information provided herein and should always seek the advice of competent healthcare experts.

By using my blog, you are agreeing to all parts of the above Disclaimer. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

purtier placenta oral live stem cell therapy 6th edition

Blessings come in many forms, and one of the most essential is that of good health.

purtier placenta review 2020

With the rise of global health and wellness industry, Riway International fundamental concept seems to work out well with its health and beauty brands, PURTIER and CONSCIENTIOUS.

Its flagship product, Purtier Placenta, has shaken the stem cell industry and also the health supplements world and some distributors claimed its global sales revenue crosses more than USD $1 billion (~ S$1,400,000,000) annually ever since 2015, yes, that’s some enormous sales!

$3688 for health supplements‽

As consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, high quality nutritional supplements have become popular target for counterfeits with multiple unauthorized resellers and distributors profiteering from scams, fishy deals that risk people’s health with bogus (cancer cure claims) testimonials and reviews.

Prices are said to be increased starting from 1st March 2023. From S$3688 to S$3988 for a package/therapy of 7 bottles.

genuine purtier vs fake purtier placenta
Information from Riway distributors on how to identify fakes
vitamins supplements purtier

Many products reported by Health Sciences Authority (HSA), aka Singapore’s version of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) were commonly sold on local e-commerce platforms including Amazon, Carousell, Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10, as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some news in Singapore relating to harmful health supplements sold online:

purtier placenta hsa singapore
purtier placenta shopee
hsa health products

The health industry has long known the value of selling fear (or to put it right, using fear to sell).

Certainly we do not make claims of PURTIER’s miracle to curing cancer, diabetes, stroke, HIV/AIDS, other lifestyle diseases, etc. unlike unofficial PURTIER Placenta websites which are making up testimonials with anecdotes.

purtier placenta testimonial singapore hsa
Source: Unofficial Purtier website (https://www.purtierforever.com/) with false and misleading claims

Nonetheless, we find this product peculiar in comparison to other MLM junk my granny used to consume back in the 90s.

*Fake PURTIER Placenta*

purtier placenta stem cell distributors

Google “Purtier Placenta” only to find different PURTIER websites that seem fraudulent or deceptive?

“The most expensive supplement of all is one that doesn’t work, no matter how little you pay for it.”

Unofficial PURTIER websites that purport to offer goods and services can be false and misleading, for instance, guaranteeing cures for diseases or offering highly discounted packages.

purtier placenta indonesia hiv aids arv

Verifications with some agents and staff in RIWAY International Group have confirmed that none of these websites was authorized by them in any way. There isn’t any #1, authorized, official, exclusive retailers, distributors, wholesaler, suppliers, online shops, stores or whatever they call it.

fake websites promoting PURTIER Placenta

Please do not put yourself and your family’s health at risk because All Lives Matter so stay smart.

Click on the link below for the list of unofficial or fake Purtier Placenta websites.

➤ READ: Purtier Placenta ‘Official’ Websites and Distributors Debunked – Riway Review

Dubious peddlers and unscrupulous distributors are getting more creative than ever when it comes to making profits today. Don’t be fooled by online platforms because nobody can guarantee its authenticity, effectiveness and ultimately be responsible for your health or money. We hope to stop victims falling for such internet scams and hideous websites.

purtier placenta fake online scam

➤ Tips from Health Sciences Authority (HSA): How to stay safe when buying health products online


Live Cell Therapy

live cell therapy purtier

Our living body begins from a tiny little cell and the best way to live well today is to learn more about our cells.

When our cells are healthy, our body is healthy. When our cells are youthful, we shall experience youthfulness again.

Ronald Reagan once said, “Stem cell research can revolutionize medicine, more than anything since antibiotics.”

His wife, the former US First Lady Nancy Reagan is said to believe that stem cell research could lead to a cure for Alzheimer’s disease back in 2004.

Live stem cell therapy has now been recognized as the only procedure which is safe and its effectiveness has also been proven to help delay or slow down the aging process.

It can also enhance longevity and quality of life because cells, tissues, muscles, bones and organs are empowered during the process, thus keeping our body in its finest health status.

purtier reverse ageing

Age without getting old…

Eternal health and youthfulness can help us live life to our fullest by active living, staying happy and making the most of our precious time.

Scientists now agree that we could be living to around 120 “great years” if we can achieve our maximum potential lifespans. So, what is the real ‘reason’ that is stopping us from realizing it?

The fact is due to the stressful lifestyle of modern living and numerous contributing factors to the generation of free radicals, even the happiest and healthiest person on earth can fall short of the Century mark.


Excessive levels of free radicals from our environment can cause damage to our body cells and tissues, which leads to our bodies to age prematurely. Singapore may have the fourth-best life expectancy rate in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO) report.

WE ARE WHAT WE eat. The old saying still holds today for busy people trying to find balance in their overworked, over-stressed lives. Many of us have little time to manage meals, energy levels, and a lifestyle path toward whole health.

Currently, the average lifespan of men and women is about 80 and 85 years respectively only in developed countries.

singapore life purtier placenta
Article from The Straits Times in 2019 at: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/singapore-tops-in-life-expectancy-at-848-years

Despite being able to live to age of 85 for most Singaporeans, many spent their last 10 years in sickness and poor health. Personally, I have witnessed too many times my loved ones suffered from diseases, often plagued with illness, aches, weariness and overall deterioration…

To counter the debilitating effects of aging and diseases, we need to have a greater understanding of the aging process and know how our body can be nourished and nurtured to age healthily. Therefore, the sooner we begin to encompass these secrets, we can learn to live longer and better.

Delay Aging And Extend Life Span

Everyone wants eternal youth, vigor and good health. However, as one ages and our growing decelerates, our body cells die faster than they grow, so does the production of new cells growth and signs of aging becomes inevitable – it’s how we grow from child to adult.

Until scientists find a way to make us immortal, aging and death will be inescapable facts of life.

purtier placenta usa stem cell

Therefore, the introduction of cellular therapy and its cell growth factors into the body can rejuvenate deteriorating cells and tissues to restore youth and vitality.

The recent discovery of stem cells has provided a completely new approach to repair the human body, restore youthful looks and regain health.

review purtier placenta injectionThere is growing evidence that stem cells could be used to cure many age-related diseases and delay aging, therefore, many scientists are excited about its potential impact on regenerative medicine and researchers have begun to find the best treatment.

What if a stem cell capsule is all it takes to help improve your current health condition? Seriously?!


PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition

purtier placenta singapore

PURTIER is widely known as the “Rolls Royce of nutritional supplements” – the Elixir of Youth.

Their enhanced formula is created using its advanced oral capsule modern technology.

Its main ingredient — Premium thoroughbred deer placenta which boosts cellular regeneration.

Scientific research has also proven the efficacy of components in fresh deer placenta and active live cells can help to strengthen the body’s immunity.

Made in New Zealand

alpha laboratories new zealand purtier placenta

Established in 1999, Alpha Laboratories (NZ) Ltd is the largest nutraceutical contract manufacturing companies in New Zealand and is also the supplier of Riway for its branded product Purtier Placenta.

Being among the least polluted regions of the globe, New Zealand is the perfect fit as the producer for this stem cell-based product.

Its organic formulation contains carefully-selected deer placenta and ingredients that are filled with active living cells and essential nutrients.

PURTIER Placenta Official Video (English)


Awarded as “SUPER QUALITY” Placenta Live Cell Therapy in Asia

purtier placenta singapore prestige brand award

Placenta Therapy

Placenta is nature’s secret ingredient. It contains high levels of proteins, rich in nutrients, growth factors and bioactive cytokines to support cell growth. The placenta is a temporary organ attached to the wall of the uterus during pregnancy. It provides oxygen and nutrients vital for fetal development and produces growth hormones that allow the body to be formed, developed and born.

This is the 21st century, while we still can’t perform miracles of health and beauty, an “elixir” that will aid both health and beauty is just now coming into the limelight. That elixir is believed to be the “Placenta Extract”, therefore, placenta nutrition has demonstrated a variety of medicinal effects.

Consumption of Placenta and its benefits have been widely documented across both culture and time. It increases natural healing through hormonal regulation, nervous regulation, and immune-regulation, as it gives the body resistance against disease.


Ingredients & Technology of PURTIER Placenta

The latest version of PURTIER Placenta has now contained 12 unique ingredients.

Purtier placenta ingredients reviews

More than 10 effective yet high-quality ingredients were selected after careful consideration, and countless researches were done to ensure that they were most suitable for absorption by our body. Every ingredient is natural, added in moderation and is required for good health maintenance.

The chemists and science researchers in New Zealand must have made great efforts to deliver such premium products with exceedingly high standards and expectations especially for Singaporeans and the world (making it a convenient and ideal choice for busy people today).

Advancement Of Technology – Improved with the latest Enteric Coated Capsule

technology purtier placenta riway

The processes involved in the manufacturing of PURTIER Placenta include Freeze Drying Technology, Nitrogen-Filled Technology, Enteric Coated Technology, and Emulsification Technology.

Ensuring maximum potential of the active ingredients to be absorbed quickly and effectively into the human body to support renewal system.

PURTIER was manufactured under stringent quality control from authorities to ensure its effectiveness and safety for human consumption.

purtier placenta technology explained

The advanced capsule technology and encapsulation process preserve vital cell growth factors extracted from the placenta live cells.

Freeze Drying Technology

With freeze-drying technology, the live cells can be preserved and remain bio-active for 3 to 4 years. PURTIER Placenta uses only extracts from fresh healthy deer placenta and preserves it with the latest freeze-drying technology, therefore, the bio-activity level is at its maximum to have the optimum benefit for you.

Purtier placenta freeze drying technology

Nitrogen Filled Technology

Due to the presence of oxygen during the encapsulation process, nitrogen-filled technology is integrated to prevent the deterioration and decomposition of placenta live cells and other essential nutrients as it eliminates natural oxidation. In simple terms, just think about cutting an apple open and leaving it exposed. Within minutes, you will see it turn brown.

Therefore, unlike other brands that do not apply such technology, PURTIER ensures the highest quality of its living cells and nutrients to providing the greatest quality, efficacy, and safety.

purtier placenta nitrogen filled technology

Emulsification Technology (Nano-Technology)

Emulsification Technology, often known as Nano Technology, allows larger molecules to be completely absorbed by the bile chylomicron pathway, therefore, maximizing absorption and receiving nutrition at its best.

Purtier placenta nano technology emulsification

Enteric-Coated Technology

The advanced enteric-coated technology allows placenta live cells and other nutrients that are biologically active to be absorbed in the small intestine. PURTIER Placenta capsules can withstand damages from the gastric juices and enhance the absorption of placenta live cells by 3-4 times (60-80% more) compared to normal placenta pills that do not possess such technology.

Purtier placenta enteric coated technology

Healthy cells then travel to the targeted organs and impart their miraculous force onto damaged and worn-out cells. Therefore, it allows our consumers to enjoy the full benefits of PURTIER 6th Edition and it is worth every penny.

Allowing consumers to truly enjoy the benefits of the product – to repair and rejuvenate aging cells and damaged tissues, regain youth and vitality, and restoring good health.


Benefits of PURTIER Placenta

benefits of purtier placenta singapore

It’s all in the cells. PURTIER Placenta is power packed with 11 ingredients and one unique live stem cell formulation to provide an essential source of nutrition.

Every capsule combines the nutritious goodness of premium deer placenta living cells and an unsurpassed effect of oral stem cell therapy.

After weeks of cellular therapy with PURTIER, your body will begin to experience remarkable benefits and noticeable healing transformation (disclaimer alert, though).

benefits of purtier placenta in a capsule
  1.  It improves complexion and lightens facial pigmentation.
  2.  Reduces the visible signs of aging and helps smoothen away wrinkles.
  3.  Looking more youthful, radiant with finer skin.
  4.  Stabilizes your weight at a normal level.
  5.  Flexibility in joints and discs.
  6.  Natural pain relief for muscles and joints.
  7.  Improves mental awareness and sleeping patterns.
  8.  Enhances stamina and energy level boost.
  9.  Vigor and vitality increase.
  10.  Experience renewed sexual satisfaction and performance.
  11.  Regeneration of aging cells, tissues and organs.
  12.  Increases immunity resistance and system to guard against diseases.*
  13.  Improves overall wellness from inside out and delay age-related problems.

Other PURTIER Testimonials & Videos found on the Internet: YouTube

Google images search PURTIER testimonials
Search results of “Purtier Placenta testimonials” on Google
Purtier Placenta for Gouts condition

➤ MORE: How & Where to buy the original Purtier Placenta

Who can truly benefit?

  1. People who are stressed, age 25 and older
  2. People who want to stay fit, age gracefully with energy
  3. People who seek alternative medicine or therapy for health needs


Our Independent Ratings & Reviews with PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition:
purtier placenta review rating

It’s pretty much impossible to prove that any one health supplement is better than any other supplement for the world. But we trust that the history and effects of PURTIER have proven its worth because it originally started from Singapore in 2008 and had expanded into Japan recently.

Japan has already plenty of natural, quality and superior health products, vitamins and supplements.

The formulation of nutrition with living cells in softgel capsules has offered numerous health benefits with safety and efficacy, and most importantly, provided the convenience of meeting those nutritional needs of most people in today’s hectic lifestyle.

riway purtier placenta price
Image Credit: Riway International
  • The price of PURTIER Placenta has never been raised since its first launch in 2008.
  • Yearly sales revenue doubled-tripled from $3 million in 2009 to more than $4 billion in recent years.
  • RIWAY consistently improves and develops their winning formula with premium ingredients and new technology.

Rumour has it that Singaporeans sure love to Queue (kiasu).

The longer the queue of customers in front of a counter, the better the product – of that we often assume.

As it turns out, the company has launched its special health promotion since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 “Circuit Breaker”, a nationwide partial lockdown.

PURTIER is definitely not the cheapest health supplement out there but these uncles and aunties swear by its results, testimonials and effectiveness of the therapy! Maybe the money they earned while promoting and consuming the products did help.

The scene of people queuing up at RIWAY.

Undoubtedly, these days a lot of people do face medical problems in particular 1 in 9 Singaporeans has diabetes (>11%), many conditions are incurable, but they can be controlled and people seek alternative medicine or therapies.

diabetes purtier placenta
Prevalence of diabetes in Singapore

Imagine how much money you can save on medical bills (global medical inflation rate is at 9.7%) if it keeps you strong and well really.

Hospital Medical Bill Singapore stem cell
Source: Seedly

However, the price of good health is much cheaper than the expenses of a serious illness! Yet, patients spent about SGD$32,000 on average to treat their critical illness conditions with very low recovery rate. Today, there’s 1 in 3 Singaporeans dying of cancer, critical illness is something many of us might have to contend with (touch wood!) at some point in our lives.

3 years ago, a woman shared on Facebook and revealed that her mum’s care and treatment at the hospital ended in an astronomical SGD$1,018.469.29 in bills – a figure none of us would desire to see in our lifetime.

Despite the fact that average Singaporean spends 8 out of 83 years in ill health, many affordable alternative medical therapies have given hope to more people in today’s world than perhaps you even realize.

Maintenance of good health can be simple and cheap. One of the newest health supplements available in Singapore known as the King of Antioxidant & Cellular Energy is a good choice.

Read through the list below on important questions you might want to know.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is PURTIER Placenta?

A: PURTIER Placenta is a form of oral live cell therapy that contains deer placenta live stem cells. It also capsulizes diverse youthful ingredients to preserve, restore and revitalize the body’s tissues and organs to keep a person blooming.

Q: Who should use PURTIER Placenta?

A: Not everyone needs to take health supplements. Consuming a variety of healthy foods can help you to get all of the nutrients you need but PURTIER can be useful for filling in gaps in your diet, especially if your body is ailing.

Q: How PURTIER Placenta actually works?

A: PURTIER Placenta possesses live cells that sought to enlivening the body’s natural healing ability, using the theory that live cells are essential in “awakening” sleeping cells within human body and creating new synapses and connective tissue. It is a kind of non-toxic, health supplement, which supports the care of the entire organism.

Q: How is the placenta acquired in PURTIER?

A: Distributors cite that no deers in New Zealand are harmed during the process of obtaining the fresh placenta after the mother deers give birth to their fawns. Cutting edge freeze-drying technology is then applied to retain (3 – 4 years) the biologically active ingredients in peak condition.

Q: Why is PURTIER Placenta so expensive?

A: PURTIER Placenta is obtained from fresh deer placenta in New Zealand which contains vigorous and the most energetic live cells. These are the cells that rejuvenate the deteriorated and fatigued cells and tissues in our body. Besides, cheap placenta pills are usually in powdered form, heated or processed and have none of the live cells left. For that reason, they lack the same effect in contrast to PURTIER.

Q: How to consume PURTIER Placenta?

A: It’s suggested by doctors to consume 4 capsules daily for the first 30 days at any time and then 2 capsules daily for 5 months. However, it differs according to every individual body’s needs. One may increase or decrease dosage as preferred.

Q: What are the side effects of PURTIER Placenta?

A: There are no known side effects reported till date.

PURTIER Placenta is an all-natural (food grade) supplement, formulated with Deer Placenta Extract, Marine Collagen Peptides, Apple Polyphenol, Fucoidan Extract, White Strawberries Extract — NucleiClavem™, Dendrobium, Evening Primrose Oil, Squalene, Avocado Oil, Borage Oil, Lycopene and Aloe Vera Extract.

It is said to be tested free of hormones, fillers, binders, preservatives or other artificial chemicals.

Q: When can you see results?

A: 6 months or less would be an appropriate period to notice results, however the results on individual vary. Some testimonials shared positive effects after using it within 2-4 weeks. Placebo effect?

Experience the True Power of Stem Cells

Another product worth mentioning here would be GNC Singapore StemC®. It is currently retailed at $398 for 30 caps ($13.27 each) vs Purtier Placenta at $568 ($9.47 each) for 60 caps before discounts.

Truth be told, Purtier Placenta is really good value for money and absolutely worth the try if you sign up as member during promotion or try our sample.
**Subject to courier services fee & availability from sponsors…..

stemc vs purtier placenta
GNC Singapore placenta pills

Keep in mind that getting enough sleep, exercise regularly and eating right are the most important for maintenance of good health.

Last but not least, really take good care of yourself. Maintain and nurture good relationships with the people around you. In doing so, you will inevitably increase your energy and enjoyment from life.. otherwise, what’s the whole point of becoming younger, healthier and living, right?

What’s The Overall Best Oral Stem Cell Supplement?

I don’t think there’s one “best oral stem cell supplement” for everybody on this planet. Instead, it depends on your health needs and financial capability. If you’re willing to spend on quality then PURTIER Placenta could probably be worth a shot.

live cell therapy purtier placenta singapore

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