It is said that health is the greatest possession. Nutrition is a must when it comes to maintaining good health. Everyone needs nutrients. No matter its state of health, the human body needs to receive nutrients continually for it to remain stable and balanced. Nutrients also supple the body with energy it needs to face the various challenges of day-to-day life.

In the past, people mostly died from infectious diseases or malnutrition. This was due to the relatively low standards of living. In today’s society of plenty, most people die from “rich man’s diseases” like cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. This is because people now eat well, but it does not necessarily mean they eat healthily. Moreover, work stress and unhealthy living habits like late nights, smoking, and alcohol abuse can cause imbalances in the body’s systems and lead to the onset of diseases.

Purtier-MedicineToday’s nutritional immunology science studies the relationship between nutrition and the immune system. It aims to instill the right attitudes about health and nutrition following a simple method. These attitudes help people establish good living and dietary habits and equip them with the knowledge to put a stop to diseases before illness can take root, yet help people who are already sick can learn how to speed up recovery.

Suitable nutrient intake can help strengthen the immune system so it can fight against diseases effectively. Over the years, an increasing number of studies have proven that it is wholesome and natural foods that that are truly beneficial for the body yet able to support balance in the body without interference unlike medicines.