Stem Cell Therapy In Singapore

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Practice of using stem cells with technology to help treat or prevent disease or medical condition has become normal these days. Doctors who practise Stem Cell Therapy (also known as Live Cell Therapy) believe that it can act as an organ transplant, makes our old and worn out cells to become “younger”, revitalizes our body, extends life and delay aging.

You can see why stem cell therapy is now viewed by many as an alternative treatment that will revolutionize modern medicine.

stem cell therapy singapore

It is easy to understand why the rate of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke has increased so rapidly in recent decades when you consider that some of the most common foods consumed by Singaporeans are processed with added solid fats, sugars, starches, and sodium. It makes sense that we will have poor health if we eat foods with poor nutritional value.

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Source: Ministry of Health (MOH)

Looking to trim down on hefty medical expenses, our consumers have begun to focus more on prevention than treatment. With our Unique Nutritional Formula that effectively slows down the aging process of the body and the increasingly growing awareness of personal health and well-being, it has sparked off the reverse-aging trend and healthy living into old age in Singapore and Malaysia.

Stem Cell Therapy can cost anywhere between $8000 – $30,000 USD per treatment.

Today, Live Stem Cell Therapy from fresh deer placenta extract, antioxidants and other nutritional ingredients to improve cell regeneration.

Four-in-One effect supplement; protecting, repairing, regenerating body cells and reversing body age. New Zealand’s Deer Placenta live stem cell therapy now boasts an additional unique ingredient, Dendrobium. One of the rarest and most expensive Chinese herbs in the world, the high concentration ratio of deer placenta is also greatly increased, providing even more benefits for your health!

The placenta is rich in nutrients and stem cells, their placental growth factors are processes that promote cell activation, and therefore stimulate cells and promote cell division.

This causes the metabolism to increase as old cells are gradually replaced with new ones. Consequently, the optimum bodily functions and luxuriantly beautiful skin are regained and its effect is felt across the whole body.