RIWAY International Review

Let’s check out what’s actually going on behind this company Riway Group. Riway International is known as pioneer in oral live stem cell therapy and one of Asia’s Most Promising Companies in the Direct Selling Industry. They have been researching about regenerative medicine for almost 12 years to concocting only one product today and becoming one of the key player in the niche market of Stem Cells.

Its star product PURTIER Placenta results have generated strong word-of-mouth and gained trust amongst consumers worldwide.

We found that distributors mainly share and promote its two core products PURTIER Placenta & CONSCIENTIOUS Beauty Series through our interviews with more than 20 representatives and distributors from Riway International.

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Riway International Independent Distributors have got their distribution network and support from Riway with over 11 years of experience marketing their flagship products.

Occasionally, Riway members get special promotions like 1-for-1, cashback, rebate and discount reward system. The launch of 6th edition Purtier Placenta has proven the company’s mission to continually seek out the finest product in the world. Distributors understand the importance of maintaining high quality and good value in the provision of health products to the society.

Riway International Group Purtier Placenta

Today, Riway International has impacted more than 1,000,000 people’s lives, regaining back their health and lifestyles beyond expectation. This could not be achieved without their live cell therapy product – PURTIER Placenta. Providing a safe and effective health solution.

RIWAY – Showing You The Right Way, Building A Wonderful Life

Riway International’s emphasis has always been on balance, and we need to constantly work hard towards the main goals in our lives: financial wealth, physical health, positive social outlook, abundant knowledge, positive mental outlook and a happy and harmonious family. All these factors are indispensable and only with all factors present, then it is considered to be a true success.

RIWAY 6 Values

Economic Goals

A platform to generate wealth, strive for financial riches, and achieve financial freedom.

Healthy Lifestyle

Regain a healthy body, inject positive energy, and maintain a healthy and active living.

Social Skills

A platform where you can expand your social circle, lead a healthy lifestyle and make a positive impact on the lives of your friends.

Family Values

Help more families seek happiness and to build a warm and caring family.

Guiding Thoughts

Encourage the right type of thinking, upgrading and fortifying knowledge in order to attain a higher level of thinking.

Spiritual Growth

Inculcate humility, integrity, righteousness and positivism to become an upright distributor.


Realize Your Dreams

The beauty of direct selling lies in the implementation of a win-win system that binds the interests of the company and the distributors together in glory and defeat. The heart warming direct selling culture and the organizational strength of a big family give everyone the opportunity to create a wealthy and wonderful life. Since direct selling is a platform that allows you to set up a business easily, why do some still fail?

In the past, many have given up on direct selling. The cause of their downfall often lies in the company that chose and not in them. The company’s business philosophy, ability of its management and mindset of its leaders can all result in one not succeeding in direct selling. Associating yourself with an unsuitable direct selling company, having to move yourself from one company to another only to see your efforts end in failure, would you still believe in direct selling?

Therefore, choosing wisely is more important that hard work. Work hard but work smart. Choosing the right direct selling company is your first step towards success.

Only the right direct selling company can allow you to enjoy the benefits of direct selling, ensure that your efforts are not in vain, and help you become our successful business partner.


More Exciting Years And Glorious Days Ahead

Providing you with the best entrepreneurial platform;
Promoting the corporate values of integrity, righteousness and positivism;
Giving you a healthy and wealthy life.

Riway International is also currently one of the most outstanding and “famous” direct sales company in Singapore.

A star in the direct selling industry,
Riway has created many legendary results since its birth.
As an advocate of live cell therapy research,
we relentlessly pursue continuous improvement in excellence and innovation while upholding the promise of quality.
Sparking a new trend with the use of PURTIER Placenta for reverse-ageing,

Looking ahead, Riway International will continue to play an active role in the international community as we dedicate all our resources to expanding and refining our position in Asia and the rest of the world.

Access the official site of Riway International at www.riway.com for other info.
(warning, there are also fake websites for Riway International Group operated by other organization leaders – very misleading.)