Can Stem Cell Therapy help with Coronavirus?

coronavirus purtier stem cell

coronavirus purtier stem cell

Stem cells have the ability to renew on its own or multiply within its fullest potential to develop into other types of cells. They can become cells of the blood, heart, lungs or other body parts.

Now, scientists have been researching and applying stem cell technology to treat patients diagnosed with corona-virus and in extremely critical condition.

Stem cell therapy has also been used in treating H7N9 avian flu and showed good results.

Currently, three kinds of stem cells – mesenchymal, lung and embryonic stem cells – are used in treatments. Injection of stem cells into the lungs is commonly practiced by researchers.

Stem cells can improve the immune micro-environment in the lungs and reduce the risk of pulmonary failure caused by inflammation.

However, the wider use of stem cell technology to treat Covid-19 is still some time away.

The safety and effectiveness of a new drug or therapy need to be verified with sufficient clinical trials, experts advised.

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