PURTIER Placenta Price in Singapore

purtier price singapore

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PURTIER Placenta Price in Singapore

purtier placenta price usd

We have heard it countless times, “Health is Wealth” and there is nothing truer than it. Without good health, one is unable to enjoy the luxuries of life. The pandemic has made us all realize the significance of owning it.

The money that you spend on ensuring your wellness is an investment in you and your body.

purtier price singapore

So, what is the price of a bottle of PURTIER Placenta?

The distribution company — Riway International has set the price of a bottle (60 capsules) at S$568 which is approximately 420 USD. This “stem cell” product is commonly sold in a therapy or a set at 7 bottles S$3688.

Despite its price, PURTIER has been a success with more than 10 million bottles sold. The new PURTIER Placenta 6th Edition has managed to position itself among the most comprehensive luxury health supplements created to provide holistic nutritional support for cells, tissues and organs.

queue up to purchase purtier

Riway company also offers promotions for their products from time to time, some stockists will aim to buy during these times and then sell later on to profit at higher price.

riway purtier placenta price

Stem cell products are probably the best choice right now for complete health and wellness. Still, there are different prices in different countries due to exchange rate and promotion (even FAKES). Consumers have reported health issues after using unauthenticated PURTIER products sold online such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee and Lazada.

purtier placenta fake original
One of the unofficial PURTIER skincare products found online

Who doesn’t want the best deal and get the most out of their money in today’s economy. We recommend you to find a reliable distributor (who can provide you service and extra freebies) in your area to assist you. Also, you may consider to become a member of Riway company for a career.

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