5 Things in Life that are More Valuable than Money

Singapore Dollars Purtier Health

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5 Things in Life that are More Valuable than Money

Singapore Dollars Purtier Health

We are not saints. We do NEED money to live. Without money, we can’t buy food, have a roof over our heads or enjoy doing the stuffs that can give us joy. But, are you crazy over money? Here are some things in life that worth more than $.

I believe we have all been in a spot where we were only focused on making lots of money.

If you feel that you’re in such situation, remember this statement:

Money could NEVER be that most important thing in life. What else could be then?


i. Health – Health is definitely more valuable than money — anytime.

Yes, you will need money for health protection such as insurance and other medical coverage.. but, the fact is that money itself cannot improve your health if you live a sedentary lifestyle, eating crap, smoke, stress etc.

Being healthy allows you more energy. You become more productive. Whenever you get your body moving — you release endorphins — which can also improve your mood. As a result, you become more successful in life.

It’s also vital to take care of your mental health. Exercising and eating healthy is the beginning. However, you must find other ways to relieve mental and emotional stress through meditation and building strong relationships.


ii. Community – Your community is something in life that is more valuable than money.

Your friends and family are a community. An actual community can include a professional organization — social, religious group, or nonprofit organization that you support. Being a part of a community comes with benefits that no amount of money could buy.

The benefit of a community includes finding the inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals.

A community allows you to exchange ideas and seek advice when you’re down. It also gives you a chance to network and strengthen your talents. When you’re a member of a community you feel valued.


iii. Time – What you do with your time can add more value than money does for you — in life.

A successful man once said, “there is no amount of money in the world that can buy you one millisecond of time.”

Unlike money, time cannot be multiplied, borrowed, or recovered after you lose it. Time can only be spent. That’s it.”

“Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. While it is possible that you could end up with much more money in your bank account next year than you currently have right now, you will never be as young as you are at the moment that you are reading these words.”

Time is a limited resource.

It’s important that you get the most out of time. That means effectively managing your time is important. When you manage your time –you’ll be less stressed. You can be sure that you’ll accomplish more with less effort — make fewer mistakes — and avoid conflicts.

Time management also opens you up to more opportunities and allows you to focus on what matter most. Time management — and not money — can lead to a more successful and happy life.


iv. Respect – Respect is something in life that is worth way more than money.

You can have all the money in the world. But, when you’re not respected by others — or you don’t respect yourself — then what’s all that money good for? Additionally, you can’t truly buy respect. So respect really is more valuable than money.

There are feelings of trust, safety, and well-being that come with respect. That’s because of the sense of worth or personal value that’s been attached to you by others.

People will only respect you when you respect yourself. Respecting yourself inherently means that you’re honest, listen to others, and hold yourself accountable. It also means surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people. Most importantly — it’s treating others how you wish to be treated.

In short, respect is crucial if you want to be a happy and successful person.


v. Mental Strength – Mental strength is almost invaluable.

A renowned psychotherapist claimed that you need mental strength in order to be successful. This is because mental strength conquers self-doubt, keeps you motivated and helps you face your fears.

Mental strength also ensures that you learn from your mistakes.

Mental strength assists you when you need to bounce back from failure and can help you regulate your feelings.

Life is not always smooth sailing. Throughout your life you’re going to experience setbacks and obstacles. You’re going to need mental strength — a lot more than money — to help you overcome these obstacles.

Sabrina Tan
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