What is P2M Investment? (Money Game Alert!)

pyramid p2m riway

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What is P2M Investment (Singapore-Malaysia)

p2m money game scams

Are you looking for a better way to make good money? Find out why joining that MLM your friend just introduced to you is very High Risk.

First, let’s beware of the trend of Pyramid Schemes posing as Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) programmes.

What is MLM? Multilevel marketing is a strategy that some direct sales companies practise to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors to join & become a Millionaire with simple steps.

In trying times, people might lean towards promises of good income, and be tempted to fall for MLM. Distributors for these companies often prey on people who are in need of an income and aren’t aware of how these schemes really work.

In MLM plans, there can be hundreds or thousands of members around the world, but relatively few earn considerable incomes from their efforts, indicating an exploitative and unsustainable business model or even a possible pyramid scheme.

These are tough times financially for many people. You might have lost your job, be finding it difficult to get a good career, or had to close your current businesses. And when you are desperate to earn money, you take whatever chances come. But it’s deciding which chance to take important in order to not waste any more time and resources.

So the story usually starts like this: A long-lost friend suddenly asks you…
“Hey bro! How have you been?”
“How’s work?”
“Still living in the same town?”
“How’s the family?”

and my favorite… “Let’s meet up soon.” We haven’t seen each other in years.

For some, they waste no time and jump straight right into it and ask you this:

p2m mlm investment

Your reaction: Errr… is this about Insurance, Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Money Game (Investment)?!

Generally, we aren’t interested to care about reviewing scams i.e. Money Game, Ponzi Scheme or MLM. After all, stupidity has no cure! But, we can all share this article to help create awareness and prevent more people from falling into traps.

p2m money game riway
Be extreme cautious when someone you haven’t met for a long time calls you “Brother”! ☝️

However, in recent months, we received numerous emails from concerned readers to review about an unique group of individuals who seem to be thriving by promoting their $3700 ‘investment’ which enables one to becoming rich and successful in less than a year’s time without the need to sell anything.

If you have been active on social media platforms namely Facebook and Instagram, you probably have come across posts of P2M (Poor to Millionaire) business opportunity in forums, part-time job seekers and other side hustle groups like…

p2m 10888 riway investmentp2m scam riway p2m plan riwayp2m 3688 riway investment

P2M Business Model Legitimacy

So, what exactly is the hype about P2M business model?

Truth is that P2M is Riway after ‘repackaging’ by its intelligent founder below. Individuals who dream to become an overnight millionaire are required to spend SGD 3700 to purchase their ‘oral live stem cells’ aka deer placenta (PURTIER) products.

p2m malaysia singapore

The irony is that promoters of the platform constantly promoted that they do not sell you any products at all.

In MLMs, companies that sell products will recruit you as a distributor, and your job is to sell products. You are also encouraged to ” build a team “, which involves selling the idea of selling products to other people who will then do the same, and the ‘pyramid’ goes down from there.

So the catch is: if only you get into one of these schemes early enough, you will probably make money.

In the classic “pyramid” scheme, promoters make money purely by recruiting new contributors, generally:

  • The promoter promises a high return in a short period of time;
  • No genuine product or service is actually sold; and
  • The primary focus is on recruiting new partners.

To even be remotely successful in an MLM, most of the time you need to rely on who you know, and essentially turn your friends and family into customers. Many consider it a shady business practice that preys on the vulnerable.

The bottom line is you constantly have to be recruiting new (naive) people to join and pay dues.

p2m investment riway 3700

Questions to ask (your brothers) before spending hours of your precious time to attend their sales pitch:

1. Which company is it?
    Why do they choose not to disclose its name…

2. Where does the income come from?
    Either you’re their source of income or they believe money can fall from the skies by selling ‘dreams’.

3. How to earn money if no product or service is sold?
    Perfect (flawless) business model, isn’t it?

4. What are the risks? Will I lose my money if I’m unable to recruit anybody?
    If it’s a 100% success guaranteed business, why aren’t billionaires investing in them?

All they claim is that with the investment, your life is bound for a complete change. It is simple and easy to earn, as long as you pay, you’ll quickly become rich (working just twice a week). In Malaysia, readers also reported that some of them have paid RM 10,888 to join the scheme and become a member of their parent company, Riway International organization.

How to recover your investment?

You will have to refer or signup 4 new people/downlines to hand over their money (in order to recover your investment) by continuing to exaggerate about the miraculous effects of their PURTIER deer placenta product and flawless business plan.

p2m purtier placenta riway
The product P2M marketed can be found on Shopee at much affordable prices!

People are foolishly buying ‘hopes’ that perhaps, after months of efforts, the sales cycle can repeat on its own, continue to develop and feed the apex predators sitting on top of the (pyramid) food chain so they can enjoy their lavish lifestyle at your expense.

Here’s a video on YouTube showing how some once glorious Money Game companies have become today.

🔻Check out some of P2M platform’s ‘promises’ here.🔻

P2M MLM Investment

riway p2m business investment

Guide you to entrepreneurship with SGD 3700/RM 11k startup capital
Permanent business without maintenance requirement
Earn passive income of SGD 20 – 60k in 6-8 months*
Singapore based company with 13 years experience

  • Not Money Game
  • No need to open physical shop
  • No sales target
  • Zero stockpiling
  • Legal tax filing
  • Earn Singapore Dollars (SGD)

Is this the right plan for you?

pyramid p2m riway

What are your thoughts? Here’s what it actually looks like:

riway money game p2m

Please note that we are not smearing Riway company’s reputation, we do respect this Singaporean company for flying our flag high in several Asian countries. But, there are always some black sheep in this industry… I suggest you to think twice.

p2m riway purtier placenta

The human nature can be truly lazy and greedy.

Sometimes when you have relatives and friends around to dissuade you, do thank them, because they still care about you.

Nevertheless, we believe there are legitimate business opportunities in today’s market that can potentially make you wealthy but if these businessmen have intentions to sugarcoat, mislead, confuse and hide facts from you before even getting started, that’s being dishonest!

By the way, you can purchase their health supplement on Shopee for less than RM 500.

Let’s do the Math, if you were to join P2M and buy their business package and get 7 bottles Purtier Placenta @ S$3700 or MYR 11,000
You can get a better deal on Shopee.sg for each bottle of Purtier deer placenta supplement at only S$115 or MYR 355 :
∴ S$115 x 7 bottles = S$805
≈ MYR 355 x 7 bottles = MYR 2485

That’s a SAVINGS of S$2895 or MYR 8515 if you have paid S$3700/MYR 11,000 !

riway purtier placenta p2mp2m riway purtier placenta malaysia

Now, where did the rest of your money go then?! Right into their pockets, of course!

They are more than happy to disclose that their income is (unscrupulously) achievable if you buy into their system.

p2m riway mlm pyramid investment

Our conclusion: Skip this and seek better opportunity next instead of signing up on this P2M (Plan to Manipulate) organization’s scheme.

Sign up if you would love to help these people buy their next BMW or Rolex, otherwise, why not save your money and bring your parents out for a nice meal at a restaurant, you will gain more than just money. ❤


Beware of Pyramid Schemes Posing as Multi-Level Marketing Programs

Nine reasons why investing is better than multi-level marketing

If you experience something similar, feel free to share them with our readers via the comment box below.

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