Foods and Supplements that fight Inflammation

fight inflammation purtier placenta

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Inflammation is one of the common denominators of disease. Every chronic disease is inflammatory in nature. Learning how to prevent and reverse inflammation will do a great deal toward preventing disease, as well as slowing the ageing process.

What causes inflammation? Primarily, the modern diet causes inflammation. How does our diet cause inflammation? One way is immoderate consumption of refined carbohydrates. Sugar and white flour have an inflammatory effect on our body. Acidity is another problem.

“A healthy diet is beneficial not only for reducing the risk of chronic diseases, but also for improving mood and overall quality of life.”

Most urban people eat an acidic diet caused by too much salt, sugar, white flour, dairy, meat and sodas. Many experts consider over-acidity to be one of the major inductions of chronic inflammation, with increasing acidity causing increasing amounts of inflammation.

fight inflammation purtier placenta

Lifestyle changes such as healthier eating, sufficient sleep and exercising can help with decreasing inflammation.

Supplements to aid with reducing inflammation

Fish oil/Omega 3 Higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids are related to lower body fat, protecting the brain and making you think better.

Two studies published in the U.S. Nutritional Neuroscience and Ageing and Disease journal state that by reducing inflammation and reducing blood pressure, Omega 3 fatty acids support a vital role in maintaining specific brain structures related to intelligence, memory and healthy ageing of the brain.

Green Tea Rich in polyphenol flavonoids, a potent antioxidant, green tea consumption is linked to lowering risk of heart disease and stroke. Research published by Harvard shows that people who drink at least one cup of tea daily have a 44% lower risk of heart attack. Some animal studies have demonstrated that green tea also lowers cholesterol levels.

Along with the natural fluoride found in tea, polyphenols and catechins are associated with killing bacteria that cause tooth decay, bad breath, and gum disease, the number one reason for tooth loss.

In one study, participants who drank 4 cups of tea daily burned an average of 67 additional calories a day. Drinking at least 3 cups a day is recommended to increase our body’s metabolic rate. For optimal antioxidant benefits consuming 3-4 cups daily.

Probiotics The human gut contains 10 times more bacteria than that of all the cells in the entire body. Recent evidence indicates that our gut microbiome affects various elements of brain function and heart health, including mood, cognition, stress resilience, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

The intestinal bacteria are part of our immune system. Researchers found that microbes play instrumental roles in countless areas of our health, including our weight . Researchers uncovered a contrast in gut bacteria between the obese and those of ordinary weight. Changes in the gut flora can increase the rate at which we absorb fat and carbohydrates and change the proportion of signaling molecules in the gut and the brain. There’s a feedback loop between the foods we crave and the composition of the bacteria in our gut that depend on those nutrients for their survival. In other words, the bacteria in our gut are responsible for our food cravings. If we can change those bad bugs for good bugs, we can resolve unhealthy food cravings.

Probiotics help lower blood cholesterol in three different ways: Probiotics create acids that counter cholesterol production; Probiotics break down liver bile acid, Probiotics actually eat cholesterol, they have been shown to break down cholesterol and use it for nourishment.

Foods that combat inflammation

foods aid inflammation purtier

Doctors are learning that one of the best approaches to reduce inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in our refrigerator. By following an anti-inflammatory diet we can all fight off inflammation for good.

Sabrina Tan
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