6 Reasons Why You Should Not Buy MLM Products Online


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With today’s technology, business has become both challenging and competitive. A decade ago, many may not know popular online shopping websites such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, Shopee, Qoo10 and many more. You can almost sell anything now from your own website with Shopify, Wix, Weebly and so on to help you grow and manage your online business.

However, when it comes to buying your health supplements and consumable products online, is it really the best way? What could possibly go wrong when you order your products from these credible websites, right?

Well, for one, those that are selling that network marketing company’s product on the Internet are usually not authorized distributors or resellers. You could be taking a Big Risk by buying through these 3rd party platforms.

Here are the six reasons why you probably should NOT buy that product online.

buying stem cell supplement purtier placenta

1. Expired Product

The websites promoting the products could be selling or marketing to you something they purchased some time ago. You could be purchasing an old or expired product. Expiration dates on packages are easily ‘changed’. Like with any other food supplement, the freshness of a consumable product is important in order for it to work safely and effectively.

2. Compromised Quality

Talking about consuming anything into our body, quality and safety is critical. When you purchase from an unauthorized source, you become uncertain of how the product has been handled. Was it subjected to extreme temperatures? Was the package authentic and sealed nicely or was it something repackaged? Such mishandlings can affect the quality and safety of use of products.

3. Counterfeit Product

You’d be surprised how many scammers are out there selling fakes with great marketing, those popular products with low quality or counterfeit ingredients just to make a quick buck. You’re risking the lives of yourself and your loved ones with products that could be ineffective and cause serious harm to health and body.

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4. Lack of Support

When you purchase health products from unauthorized sellers, you are denying yourself important support such as having specialists on hand to assist with your questions like with the product or even a potential business opportunity.

5. Supporting Unscrupulous or Criminal Behavior

Another thing to consider is why the Price. To sell at those kind of low prices, the only method which enables them is to: #1 adulterate the product in some way, or #2 break network marketing companies’ rules and regulations like using their membership rewards points to offset and sell or giving away massive discounts to flood and saturate the market. Anyone (authorized or not) who sells mlm products online is actually breaking the law. Do you really want to give somebody like that your money? Such dishonourable and petty action sellers could be selling you anything.

Also, many websites and representatives like to pose as the company or exclusive distributor themselves! In fact, the companies will Not list their products or services on online platforms as a competitor to their distributors. Most companies have clauses in their rules and regulations stating that selling their products on the internet is a violations of their rules and could possibly result in termination of such distributors if found. Think again before you buy.

genuine purtier vs fake purtier placenta
A lucrative target for counterfeit — PURTIER Placenta supplement

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Would you trust someone who breaks the law or is acquiring the product through criminal, illegal means? Ever think about what else they would do to break the rules? Like put phony product in the bottles or heavily dilute the product and put a cap back on or re-seal the top (which could be done easily).

6. Deep Discounts & Giveaway

Also, your authorized independent distributor will be able to offer you a convenient, no obligation membership where customers can receive major discounts, save huge amounts of money and get the same low price the websites do. Plus, you’ll likely get reward points that you can use to purchase FREE product with. You won’t need to find those mega promotion and discounts on other ecommerce platform or websites again.

Does that “cheap” product on the Internet sound like such a good deal now?

singapore stem cell fake purtier

In Conclusion.

Sure, there is a chance you can receive legitimate consumable products from 3rd party retailers on Shopee, Qoo10 etc. However, you are taking a great risk. Is saving a quick few bucks really worth not knowing that what you are putting into your body is completely safe?

When you purchase directly from an authorized, approved Distributor at the company, you can be assured that the product has been treated with the best care and what you receive is truly quality.

Stay alert, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay home everyone.

Sabrina Tan
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