Is Stem Cell Therapy – ‘Miracle’ and Hope for the Future?

purtier stem cell medicine

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Stem Cell Therapy

News on March 2020 – 2nd person in the world cured of HIV

Stem cells extracted from the placenta, which is generally discarded after childbirth, have shown promise as a treatment for many lifestyle diseases. It is surprising to learn that the placenta stem cells have been confirmed by medical researchers to remove free radicals, strengthen the body’s guard and accelerate its ability to recover and boost our overall body function and system.

Regularly used as a fundamental form of cellular therapy (injection method), the placenta has been known to contain rich growth factors, antibodies, minerals, vitamins and other nourishing nutrients with the ability to assist cell rejuvenation and renewal.

It is also often being prescribed as a remedy to help mothers to swiftly recover their strength and vitality after giving birth. In other cultures, such as the Italians use placenta to boost lactation while Indians have been documented to use placenta for wound healing.

Sabrina Tan
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